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294058Re: postfix rejecting valid mail server

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    Jun 29, 2013
      On 6/29/2013 7:15 AM, Wietse Venema wrote:
      > T?ssio Fechine:
      >> What!? How the user running the client library affects DNS response? This
      >> makes no sense.
      > This is a frequent problem with novice system administrators
      > who mess up file or directory access permissions.
      > If a program doesn't run as root, then the tests should not
      > be done as root.

      And if I'm not mistaken, this kind of thing can also happen with a
      broken or poorly implemented chroot, wherein the resolver Postfix uses
      can be different than the resolver everything outside the Postfix chroot
      is using.

      I vaguely recall this happening to me many many years ago with Debian,
      when I modified /etc/resolv.conf and the change was not picked up in
      /var/spool/postfix/etc/resolv.conf. The two resolvers were returning
      different results so testing in a root shell with host and dig was
      counterproductive and masked the problem.

      Wietse helped me identify the chroot as the problem and I was able to
      track down how to fix it after I knew where to look. He is trying to do
      the same for you here. He is simply not spoon feeding you the complete
      answer, complete picture. He's pointing you in the right direction so
      you can do the rest of the sleuthing yourself. Some folks here will
      hold your hand start to finish at times. But for the most part I think
      most folks here try to be enablers, not function as consultants. This
      is all volunteer after all.

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