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293758Re: Bulk Mailing Performance

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  • Ben Johnson
    Jun 12, 2013
      On 6/12/2013 4:40 PM, fletch wrote:
      > Peer,
      > There's no way that's a production figure. You may have queued that many,
      > but I seriously doubt you got anything close to 3-4 million/hour when
      > postfix was actually conducting delivery with the remote gateways...

      This point is somewhat moot, quite frankly, because the performance
      claims as documented on Wikipedia state:

      Postfix has been clocked at ~300 message deliveries/second[6] across the
      Internet, running on commodity hardware (a vintage-2003 Dell 1850 system
      with battery-backed MegaRAID controller and two SCSI disks). This
      delivery rate is an order of magnitude below the "intrinsic" limit of
      2500 message deliveries/second[6] that was achieved *with the mail queue
      on a RAM disk while delivering to the "discard" transport (with a
      dual-core Opteron system in 2007).*

      Nobody (besides perhaps Peer) is making any claim with respect to
      "real-world" performance. The performance claims as documented assume
      factors only within Postfix and the computer on which it's runnings'

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