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293755Re: Bulk Mailing Performance

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  • Peer Heinlein
    Jun 12, 2013
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      Am 12.06.2013 21:17, schrieb fletch:

      > here are claiming 10 million/hour? I guess that would be possible if a
      > sender were to run, say, 40 postfix instances which would be a complete
      > management nightmare of course.

      You already lost.

      I did this even 5-6 years ago with 3-4 millionen mails / hour in one
      postfix instance on one stupid dual-xeon server with 100 MBit uplink.

      > Obviously, vendors like Port25 (company behind PowerMTA) and GreenArrow
      > would not be able to make any sales if the benefits of commercial software
      > products v. open source were not substantial.

      They're making sales with people, that believe that people coming from a
      comercial company are always and automatically better then everbody else.


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