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293754Re: Bulk Mailing Performance

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  • Joe
    Jun 12, 2013
      On 06/12/2013 12:17 PM, fletch wrote:
      > The postfix performance claims made via this thread are far-fetched to say
      > the least. Most postfix users will only see outbound throughput in the
      > range of ~250,000/hour per instance in a production setting. Yet, people on
      > here are claiming 10 million/hour? I guess that would be possible if a
      > sender were to run, say, 40 postfix instances which would be a complete
      > management nightmare of course.
      > Obviously, vendors like Port25 (company behind PowerMTA) and GreenArrow
      > would not be able to make any sales if the benefits of commercial software
      > products v. open source were not substantial.

      In our experience, postfix can blast out messages at rates which are
      orders of magnitude faster than the other end is willing to receive it.
      The "substantial benefits" you speak of are mainly along the lines of
      easier management tools and integration of same with various other email
      related components in one convenient interface.

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