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293518Re: ssl errors in log. error on remote or local side?

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  • Charles Marcus
    May 30 6:22 AM
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      On 2013-05-22 1:45 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@...> wrote:
      > --On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 1:17 PM -0400 Charles Marcus
      > <CMarcus@...> wrote:
      >> On 2013-05-22 12:38 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@...> wrote:
      >>> Both 1.0.1c and 1.0.1d had *serious* problems. Unless you can
      >>> absolutely confirm that Gentoo has applied all of the patches from
      >>> both of those releases to their build, I would strongly advise you to
      >>> roll your own 1.0.1e release.
      >> Ok, but I'd prefer to check this out first and get gentoo to
      >> update/stabilize 1.0.1e...
      >> Any pointers/links to anything outlining said serious problems?
      >> Thanks for the heads up...
      > I would read the CHANGES file shipped with OpenSSL. They didn't
      > document the changes between 1.0.1d and 1.0.1e, but you can see the
      > changes between 1.0.1c and 1.0.1d.

      I did, and nothing jumps out at me (but I'm not a programmer, so that
      isn't worth much).

      Also, the gentoo devs don't know of any issues, and asked for pointers
      to details.

      The patches currently applied to the 1.0.1c ebuild are:

      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.0a-ldflags.patch #327421
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.0d-fbsd-amd64.patch #363089
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.0d-windres.patch #373743
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.0h-pkg-config.patch
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.1-parallel-build.patch
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.1-x32.patch
      epatch "${FILESDIR}"/${PN}-1.0.1-ipv6.patch

      If no pointers can be provided explaining these 'serious issues', then I
      don't see how they could be all that serious.


      Best regards,

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