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293366Re: Weird throttling since midnight

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  • Wietse Venema
    May 26 5:04 AM
      The Doctor:
      > All right, I have been getting a lot of irregular throttling
      > since Saturday midnight.
      > May 25 08:05:53 doctor postfix/postscreen[29851]: fatal: set DB cache size 131072: Invalid argument

      Has your Berkeley DB library been updated? Perhaps you can revert
      the update.

      Apparently, their set_cachesize() function now returns an error
      when Postfix sets the cache size.

      This code has not changed since Postfix 2.0, more than 10 years ago:

      if ((errno = db->set_cachesize(db, 0, dict_db_cache_size, 0)) != 0)
      msg_fatal("set DB cache size %d: %m", dict_db_cache_size);

      131072 (128 kbyte) is the Postfix default read buffer size:

      berkeley_db_read_buffer_size = 131072

      There is a similar parameter for writing, used in postmap.

      None of this has changed since Postfix 2.0.

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