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293282Re: Postfix, Autoreply

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  • Robert L Mathews
    May 21, 2013
      On 5/21/13 1:50 PM, motty cruz wrote:

      > any suggestions?

      Before you go any further, you should read RFC 3834, "Recommendations
      for Automatic Responses to Electronic Mail":


      ... particularly section 2, which begins (with admirable directness) "An
      automatic responder MUST NOT blindly send a response for every message

      If you don't consider those recommendations, your script -- if you get
      it working -- will do things you won't like.

      As an example: what would your script do if it ever received a message
      claiming to be from its own "From" address (because you sent yourself a
      message, or because a spammer forged your own address)? It appears that
      it would send itself an infinite loop of "On vacation" messages.

      There are other subtle problems that are difficult to explain here, some
      of which will cause you to annoy other people on the Internet, not just

      This is why people with experience are telling you to use existing
      software that already takes all of this into account, instead of helping
      you do something that's universally recognized as unwise.

      Robert L Mathews, Tiger Technologies, http://www.tigertech.net/
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