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293095Re: block spam mail from lan

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  • Stan Hoeppner
    May 11 8:09 AM
      On 5/11/2013 7:34 AM, Pol Hallen wrote:
      >> And the most effective countermeasure to spam originating from devices
      >> on the LAN has nothing to do with Postfix. As most spamware in the wild
      >> today still attempts to send direct-to-MX, simply creating a TCP 25
      >> egress filter at your edge router/firewall will give the best bang for
      >> the buck. This simply means creating a rule to drop all outbound TCP 25
      >> connections except those originating from the IP of your Postfix MTA.
      > I don't understand.
      > Situation: A real user using browser connect to squirrelmail and send a
      > mail. It's ok.
      > But if this user create a mail bomb using squirrelmail how way to spam I
      > can have this problem.
      > If a drop port 25, user can send any mail.
      > Or tell me what I don't understand.

      It would probably be best at this point for you to describe your
      network, your mail usage scenario, so we can give you targeted
      responses. I.e. is this a

      1. typical office environment mail server
      2. SOHO or personal server
      3. university mail server
      4. ISP mail server

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