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292979Re: postscreen_dnsbl_sites

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  • Wietse Venema
    May 6, 2013
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      Robert Lopez:
      > Let me try again. I am assuming the link between a line in the
      > dndsbl_reply file and the main.cf file is only a label and it could be
      > anything.
      > Is that a wrong assumption?

      Please describe what is not clear about the following text:

      postscreen_dnsbl_reply_map (default: empty)
      A mapping from actual DNSBL domain name which includes a secret pass-
      word, to the DNSBL domain name that postscreen will reply with when it
      rejects mail. When no mapping is found, the actual DNSBL domain will
      be used.

      For maximal stability it is best to use a file that is read into memory
      such as pcre:, regexp: or texthash: (texthash: is similar to hash:,
      except a) there is no need to run postmap(1) before the file can be
      used, and b) texthash: does not detect changes after the file is read).


      postscreen_dnsbl_reply_map = texthash:/etc/postfix/dnsbl_reply

      secret.zen.spamhaus.org zen.spamhaus.org

      This feature is available in Postfix 2.8.

      Once you set up your postscreen_dnsbl_reply_map, you can query it
      to ensure that it works as expected. Using the above example,
      the command

      postmap -q secret.zen.spamhaus.org texthash:/etc/postfix/dnsbl_reply

      should produce "zen.spamhaus.org" as output.

      Thanks for helping to improve Postfix.

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