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    May 4, 2013
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      On Fri, May 03, 2013 at 06:27:15PM -0600, Robert Lopez wrote:
      > I had
      > postscreen_dnsbl_sites = <the-key-to-hide>zen.dq.spamhaus.org

      This is right.

      > and
      > postscreen_dnsbl_reply_map = texthash:/etc/postfix/dnsbl_reply
      > in main.cf
      > and I had
      > <the-authorization-key-was-here>.zen.dq.spamhaus.net zen.dq.spamhaus.org

      "net" != "org". This would never match.

      You probably want to rewrite that to "zen.spamhaus.org" without the
      "dq" domain component. That's what non-subscribers use.

      > How can I prove to myself the spamhaus list actually being used
      > now as opposed to being not used because of configuration?

      http://www.crynwr.com/spam/ provides a testing service. Or, maybe
      you're using a home Internet connection which is listed on PBL. If
      your port 25 is not blocked by the ISP, you could test from home.
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