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292902Re: Reporting redirects - API call similar to "sendmail -bv"

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  • Simon Waters
    May 1, 2013
      On 01/05/13 15:31, Wietse Venema wrote:
      > Is there any problem with using "sendmail -bv"? The output format
      > (the second and thord part) is meant to be machine-readable.

      I want to report the value of 30 or 40 redirects in a single web page.

      I want to generate that report when someone requests that web page,
      since they'll do it immediately after updating someone's details to see
      if they got it right.

      I guess I could generate the "sendmail -bv" requests, and parse them,
      and dump the resulting mapping back in a database table along with the
      "last updated" showing when it was processed.

      But it all feels a bit unsynchronized and inelegant...

      Ah - also looks like "sendmail -bv" triggers address verification each
      time (which makes sense as that is part of how I decide to accept an
      email for delivery). Thus that approach is potentially going to generate
      too many address verification probes.

      Obviously "sendmail -bv" is potentially a "better answer" than calling
      the SQL query directly since Postfix "knows" more, but looks like
      calling the SQL it is.

      Secondary question - can I force the output of "sendmail -bv" to go to a
      specific email address - seems always to go to the invoker - e.g. can I
      easily send this to the end users email address (which I know). Since an
      option to get a delivery report might help keep them happy even if it is
      rarely used. Especially as it includes output from the verification probe.

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