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292901Re: Reporting redirects - API call similar to "sendmail -bv"

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  • Wietse Venema
    May 1, 2013
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      Simon Waters:
      > doesn't allow me to make this query, in general, without simply feeding
      > an email through the system? e.g.. "sendmail -bv" works in exactly that
      > way, presumably for similar reasons? Or is there an exposed API
      > somewhere that answers the same question?

      "sendmail -bv" is useful because it reproduces all the steps of
      address transformation of a real email message. The reason it can
      do this is that it actually sends an email message through Postfix.

      There is no alternate code path that does the same thing. It would
      be problematic to have two different things doing the exact same
      thing for 14 years.

      Is there any problem with using "sendmail -bv"? The output format
      (the second and thord part) is meant to be machine-readable.

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