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292897Re: Make install or upgrade for new install location

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  • Axel Luttgens
    May 1 4:54 AM
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      Le 30 avr. 2013 à 21:20, Larry Stone a écrit :

      > [...]
      > FWIW, I consider Lion (10.7) to be the last version of OS X for which the Apple provided Postfix is usable.

      Hello Larry,

      I'm going to be somewhat OT here...

      The postfix binaries coming with 10.8 are per se at least as capable as the ones that came with earlier versions of the OS; as usual, these binaries are identical on the client and server versions of the OS.

      > For Mountain Lion (10.8), they changed a lot of the default directories

      No, unless you upgraded from a 10.7 client to a 10.8 server version; but then, such changes were to be expected (yet easily reversible).

      > but also removed amavisd-new (compatability through OS upgrades apparently is not something Apple thinks has value).

      Amavis, SpamAssasin and consorts never came with the client version; perhaps did you install Amavis yourself?

      That said, as far as I can tell, the latest server version of 10.7 (resp. 10.8) comes with "amavisd-new-2.6.6 (20110518)" (resp. "amavisd-new-2.8.0 (20120630)").

      > Plus the pain of Apple provided updates deciding to make changes to main.cf for "security" (Apple considers having something listening 24/7 on port 25 to be a security issue).

      By default, on both the client and the server versions of the OS, the master process has always been launched with its -e option (since that option became available; before, the same effect was achieved through other means), as part of a scheme allowing to have Postfix running on demand for local needs only.

      In order to revert to a "traditional" behavior, it is just a matter of manually editing a plist on the client version of the OS; on the server, this is done indirectly with the admin tools.

      Just wanted to clarify some points that otherwise could have appeared as counterfactual.


      (BTW, should you have the feeling I could be of some help, please do not hesitate to contact me off-list)
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