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292894Re: Solution for Store in Virtual then Transport

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  • Noel Jones
    Apr 30, 2013
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      On 4/30/2013 7:20 PM, Newton Pasqualini Filho wrote:
      > Dear List,
      > I am facing some trouble to find a way to get a solution running.
      > We have here two mail servers, one to serve PCs and another to serve
      > Mobile devices.
      > The first is the primary and setter as MX for the domain, the second
      > in only a secondary store server, that will give mobile devices work.
      > I am facing some difficult to get this running, I tried to make an
      > entry into "transport" file, over the first server, like this:
      > domain.com <http://domain.com/>:
      > smtp:mobile.domain.com
      > The desire is to postfix store the message into maildir then,
      > transport that to the secondary server.

      Each recipient is delivered exactly once. For multiple deliveries,
      add more recipients.

      Add entries to virtual_alias_maps.

      # virtual_alias_maps
      user1@... user1@... user1@...
      user2@... user2@... user2@...
      ... new entry for each user ...

      -- Noel Jones

      > But it is not transporting to secondary server, only store local,
      > and I could not find another way to do that.
      > Appreciate any help!
      > Best regards!
      > Newton Pasqualini Filho
      > newtonpasqualini@... <mailto:newtonpasqualini@...>
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