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292813Re: Message_size_limit issue with postfix v 2.8.8-1 on RHEL 6

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  • Wietse Venema
    Apr 24, 2013
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      Nicolas HAHN:
      > What I consider just abnormal as already written is that for me
      > (so it's my opinion), Postfix should refuse to start when it detects
      > a fatal about a configuration issue in the config files. But it
      > starts any way and display each minute the fatal in the log file.

      If you think about duplicating all configuration tests that are
      inside Postfix, into a program that can be run *before* Postfix,
      then you can forget about that idea.

      Configuration tests will not be duplicated by hand, and they will
      not duplicated by some automated program that extracts them from
      Postfix source code. It is not going to happen.

      You will have to learn to read logfiles. Get used to it.

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