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292812Re: Message_size_limit issue with postfix v 2.8.8-1 on RHEL 6

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  • Nicolas HAHN
    Apr 24, 2013
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      > Can you post the fatal error messages you found, especially the
      > messages that log why the queue manager was restarting, as that
      > is the real problem.

      Here is what I found:

      2013-04-24T10:04:38.005665+00:00 iccpfxor04 postfix/local[9370]: fatal: main.cf configuration error: mailbox_size_limit is smaller than message_size_limit
      2013-04-24T10:04:39.006185+00:00 iccpfxor04 postfix/master[26402]: warning: process /usr/libexec/postfix/local pid 9370 exit status 1
      2013-04-24T10:04:39.006209+00:00 iccpfxor04 postfix/master[26402]: warning: /usr/libexec/postfix/local: bad command startup -- throttling

      For the qmgr, except what I've posted previously, there is nothing else.

      BUT that's normal if you consider this scenario:

      When I've seen the emails for local delivery were growing in active queue, I've updated several times the message_size_limit and reloaded postfix configuration each time.
      The fact qmgr shows a different PID can then considered being normal each time the configuration is reloaded (processes are stopped then restarted certainly).

      The lesson for me in fact is that even if you code a log search engine tool, even the coder should not rely ONLY on it for anything (especially when this is an ongoing work and the tool in question is not parsing fatal or warnings from postfix logs for now). I then did some searches directly in the logs based on the QIDs of the emails that stayed in the active queue. And as the warning and fatal don't write the QID in the logs (which is normal because the fatal was written each minute and not related to any email processed finally), they were not catched by my simple grep filter when investigating the logs. That's a conjunction of things that lead me to write my first email there about this issue. It's then true that I should have investigated the logs more carefully :-X

      So the conclusion is that there is nothing wrong with the QMGR.

      What I consider just abnormal as already written is that for me (so it's my opinion), Postfix should refuse to start when it detects a fatal about a configuration issue in the config files. But it starts any way and display each minute the fatal in the log file. It should display also a message on the console just before to exit. But there are probably good reasons it is actually designed like that.

      That's for this reason I'm going to integrate warning and fatal real time parsing in my tool for next coming version. That should help to prevent this kind of behavior from lazzy SMTP admins :-D

      > It is clear why local(8) was having issues, it writes mailbox files.
      > It is not yet clear why qmgr(8) was having issues.  Though the need
      > to generate bounces into a non-working postmaster mailbox is unfortunate,
      > when the postmaster mailbox can't be written, that should just lead to
      > double bounces, which then get thrown away, so I don't see why the
      > queue-manager would restart...
      > --
      >         Viktor.

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