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292779Re: postfix 2.8 and upper don't close connection with smtpd_proxy_filter

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  • Viktor Dukhovni
    Apr 23 2:21 PM
      On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 10:52:02PM +0200, Michael Storz wrote:

      > >After sending END-OF-MESSAGE, the Postfix smtpd_proxy_CLIENT closes
      > >the SMTP connection to the before-queue content filter.
      > And this is exactly the problem: smtpd_proxy_CLIENT closes the
      > connection without sending
      > the QUIT command first, which is in violation of RFC 5321, section
      > " QUIT (QUIT)"

      This is irrelevant. All TCP services need to handle mid-stream
      client disconnect sensibly. QUIT is nice to send, but this is not
      always possible, so deviating from RFC 5321 by not sending QUIT
      is harmless.

      > >Apparently the content filter is waiting for QUIT *after* the
      > >connection is closed. Please file a bug report for the content
      > >filter.
      > Wietse, this was a bug report for Postfix! Filing a bug report for
      > the content filter because it does not check for a dropped
      > connection is another story.

      And yet that's the real problem, the content filter must propagate
      not only QUIT but also EOF.

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