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292736Re: postfix 2.8 and upper don't close connection with smtpd_proxy_filter

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  • Ludovic LEVET
    Apr 22 10:44 AM
      no brake but broke ....

      See RFC5321 :

      http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5321.txt QUIT (QUIT)

      This command specifies that the receiver MUST send a "221 OK" reply,
      and then close the transmission channel.

      The receiver MUST NOT intentionally close the transmission channel
      until it receives and replies to a QUIT command (even if there was an
      error). The sender MUST NOT intentionally close the transmission
      channel until it sends a QUIT command, and it SHOULD wait until it
      receives the reply (even if there was an error response to a previous
      command). If the connection is closed prematurely due to violations
      of the above or system or network failure, the server MUST cancel any
      pending transaction, but not undo any previously completed
      transaction, and generally MUST act as if the command or transaction
      in progress had received a temporary error (i.e., a 4yz response).

      The QUIT command may be issued at any time. Any current uncompleted
      mail transaction will be aborted.


      quit = "QUIT" CRLF


      Le 22/04/2013 19:17, Ludovic LEVET a écrit :
      > Sorry to not upgrade before, but 2.6.X version is already supported
      > version ... :-)
      > Sorry to see that this upper version brake the RFC protocol submission
      > (when it talk to proxy) since 3 years ...
      > Ludovic.
      > Le 22/04/2013 18:21, Wietse Venema a écrit :
      >> Ludovic LEVET:
      >>> Hi,
      >>> Since i have upgrade my postfix from 2.6.x to 2.8.x or 2.10.x postfix
      >>> don't send the command QUIT after the response (code 250) to
      >>> END-OF-MESSAGE.
      >>> dedi.ludosoft.org[]
      >> Why is this a problem, three years after the change was made?
      >> Wietse
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