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292554Re: Setting up secure submission for remote users

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  • LuKreme
    Apr 12, 2013
      On Apr 12, 2013, at 7:10, btb <btb@...> wrote:
      > On 2013.04.12 07.01, LuKreme wrote:
      >> In our previous episode (Thursday, 11-Apr-2013), btb@...
      >> said:
      >>> you can certainly upgrade without breaking everything. as with
      >>> anything else, it just takes some care and consideration. as far
      >>> as procmail goes, i'd consider losing procmail to be a benefit.
      >>> why do you think you need it?
      >> Because I use it extensively.
      > that's a foregone conclusion. the question is for what do you use it. in the vast majority of cases, sieve can do everything procmail can do. if you were to switch from courier to dovecot for imap, delivery via lmtp from postfix to dovecot offers a number of benefits, only one of which is easy integration of sieve.

      I've never used sieve, but have been using procmail for 15 years or so. I use it to sort mail, of course, but also for adding headers, sending copies of certain mails, altering subject lines, and probably a couple of other things I'm not think of. My procmail recipes tend to span 4 or 5 rc files and several hundred lines. It's not something I think I want to try to redo in sieve.
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