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292519Re: Setting up secure submission for remote users

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  • LuKreme
    Apr 11, 2013
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      Reindl Harald opined on Thursday 11-Apr-2013@16:58:28
      > mynetworks should be genrally used with care and only for specific
      > address instead whole networks with sooner or later potentially
      > infected clients which can be banned if using auth even if the
      > malware leaks auth data and abuse it from outside

      Mynetworks currently contains the mail server, the webmail server, and my home fixed IP since I do not have secure submission working as of now.

      I’m reading up on dovecot-1.2.17 and dovecot-2.1.16 and trying to decide if I can switch to either of those without breaking everything. One item of concern was reading a comment that “postfix hands the mail off to dovecot for local delivery” which makes me think I will lose procmail as my LDA. That would be bad.

      I’m also wondering if I can set dovecot up to only work with port 587 and keep cyrus-sasl for port 993, at least for now. I know it seems redundant, and it would be a stepping stone to ensure that current users are able to connect as they do now. (IMAP-SSL with “Password” for either local users or mysql users).

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