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292439Re: R: Scheduling policies for outgoing smtp server

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  • Simone Caruso
    Apr 8, 2013
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      > I just simulated the performance hit of 256 incoming queues by setting
      > hash_queue_names = incoming
      > hash_queue_depth = 2
      > and running smtp-source, sending mail to an alias for /dev/null.
      > Postfix queue performance for small messages already dropped by
      > 30%, with the write cache enabled on a 10,000RPM SAS disk (which
      > is recommended for a production server only when the write cache
      > has a battery to survive power failures).
      > The performance drop will be worse with one queue directory per
      > customer, unless you have very few customers of course.
      I expected some degradation in performance, but not so much (you tried with a
      lot of queues too).

      I think the example environment is a mail marketing relay server, Giorgio said:
      "User A, with ip address IP_A, sends 1 different email to 1 million of different
      domain destinations"

      The indexing approach can fit this this specific application (marketing cloud
      service!?); the daemon
      don't need to scan on disk lots of hashes/subdirs. (a small size hash loadable
      in memory can be less expensive)

      Simone Caruso
      IT Consultant
      +39 349 65 90 805
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