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292396Re: Trouble configuring backup MX to reject unauth destination

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  • Titanus Eramius
    Apr 6, 2013
      Solved it :-)

      When sending to unknown users, Postfix now rejects the mail with "User
      unknown in virtual mailbox table", and it does so for hosted (that is,
      virtual mailbox domains) domains as well.

      It seems the SRS-daemon* I have been using with the main.cf parameters

      was the root of the problem. I have just commented them out to solve
      it. Reading through the documentation for those four parameters, does
      not seem to indicate why they would mess with Postfix' ability to use

      But I guess my lack of understanding about Postfix internals is a
      problem as well. I am sorry for the wasted time, and would like to
      thank all who helped out.

      Have a nice weekend

      * https://github.com/Fruneau/pfixtools
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