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292382Re: Multiple recipient_delimiter address extensions?

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    Apr 5, 2013
      On Fri, Apr 05, 2013 at 09:23:42AM -0400, Wietse Venema wrote:
      > Wietse Venema:
      > > I've done a proof-of-concept implementation that works as
      > > documented below the signature.
      > I was able to simplify this further. The result is below.
      > Comments are welcome.

      Thanks. A very minor complaint is that you have always been very
      consistent IIRC regarding plural and singular in parameter names, but
      now "recipient_delimiter" can be multiple characters. :) (I do
      understand why it works better in this case; just saying, maybe for
      naming consideration in a Postfix 3.0.)

      I will not be able to get to this until early next week, but at that
      time I'll upgrade and experiment with this.

      I really hated switching from + to - as delimiter. It felt like the
      wrong thing to do, accomodating some fool who happened to write a
      popular PHP library function. It will be nice to be positive again.
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