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292295SASL Password mapping for multiple users on single domain

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  • Julian Pilfold-Bagwell
    Apr 1, 2013
      Hi All,

      I have a mail server that relays out to Office365 (forced on us by BT,
      we didn't want it), and since last week I've been having problems as
      they've just switched off the SMTP server we're using. Anyway, I've
      upgraded to Postfix 2.9 0n Centos 5 and am having a problem with the
      smtp passwords.

      I've read up on the sasl_passwd file and have the following:

      smtp.outlook.com user1@...:password

      which works fine and it relays out. The only problem I have is that I
      have about 8 users all on domain.com and and if I list them all in the
      format above, postmap complains about multiple entries for
      smtp.outlook.com. I've tried one entry for the server name followed by
      comma separating each username password pair and also putting each new
      account on a new line starting with whitespace but everything fails.

      Is there a format that I haven't found in the docs or is there another
      way of doing this?


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