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292172Re: Submission on 587 and check_policy_service

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  • Benny Pedersen
    Mar 24, 2013
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      Titanus Eramius skrev den 2013-03-21 14:49:
      > I have set Postfix only to allow relaying through submission on port
      > 587, and as extra safety, I have installed the PolicyD* service to
      > run
      > some rate limiting, and is trying to configure it with Postfix.

      i still have to see why sending one msg pr day is a strong policy

      well postfix supports syslog (TM) :)

      and most syslogd nowadays support sql, got it ?

      all that is left now is a postfix sql query based on sender restriction

      who will begin a guide wiki on this ?, i will be one that follow and
      commit to it if more can follow me :)
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