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292170Re: Trouble configuring backup MX to reject unauth destination

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  • mouss
    Mar 24, 2013
      Le 23/03/2013 00:02, Titanus Eramius a écrit :
      > [snip]
      > The goal is a "virtual only" mailserver, so the domains is stored
      > in MySQL and fetched through virtual_mailbox_domains. Besides
      > virtual_mailbox_domains, I use virtual_mailbox_maps and
      > virtual_alias_maps.
      > The documentation is among the best documentation I have seen, but I
      > can't seem to find the solution, even though I have read most of what I
      > could find in relation to virtual handling.
      > One more "clue" is the error messages when sending to non-existent
      > users. When sending to aptget.dk Postfix responds with
      > "550 5.1.1 <non_existent@...>: Recipient address rejected: User
      > unknown in virtual mailbox table".
      > When sending to cogky.dk the response is only "<non_existent@...>:
      > user unknown"

      one possible reason is that you configured a wildcard alias:
      @... ==> @...
      (that is anything to cogky maps to same address in aptget.dk).

      if so, that's your problem. you need to configure mappings only for
      existing users.
      since you use mysql, this should be easy to do.
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