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292161Forward internal RHEL6 server local user emails to postfix mailrelay

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  • Michael Maymann
    Mar 22, 2013
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      Hi list,

      I would like to forward all our internal RHEL6 server localuser emails to our postfix mailrelay.
      I have tried the following already on the RHEL6 servers:
      - .forward will not allow e.g. root to forward mail to user1
      - relayhost only relay mail for external users
      Is there a global postfix setting for this ?

      Is there a generic LDAP postfix schema so localuser -> email conversion can be done at our postfix mailrelay ?
      I guess there is not, and this would most likely be very customized, but what info would be needed to be able to help me on the way ?

      Thanks in advance :) !


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