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292148Re: qmail forward to postfix on the same machine ?

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  • Wietse Venema
    Mar 22, 2013
      Matthias Andree:
      > There is one caveat, though: qmail-send will disassemble multi-recipient
      > posts, i. e. you will get one Postfix message and queue ID per recipient
      > - and Postfix has some VERP support (Mailman, for instance, uses it.)
      > If you can somehow manage to inject outgoing mail directly into Postfix,
      > so that you can bypass qmail-send, that may help quite a bit. If your
      > software talks QMQP for injection into qmail for sending outbound mail,
      > you can make Postfix provide a QMQPd.

      The following construction has worked for years at securityfocus.com:

      SMTP protocol -> qmail -> ezmlm -> QMQPD protocol -> Postfix

      This construction was chosen because qmail was falling behind
      with email deliveries.

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