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292147Re: qmail forward to postfix on the same machine ?

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  • Matthias Andree
    Mar 22 1:19 AM
      Am 21.03.2013 13:09, schrieb Frank Bonnet:
      > Hello
      > I'm in trouble with an old Qmail server that runs on
      > an also old server.
      > The problem is I cannot modify the existing configuration
      > of this machine because of inhouse developped applications
      > that use qmail.
      > Qmail ( which i know very few ) seem a bit autistic when talking
      > to non FQDN distants servers or with MX misconfigured.
      > my idea is to add a postfix instance on this machine which will
      > send emails to the Internet.
      > In my plan Qmail will inject all outgoing SMTP traffic into Postfix
      > instance that will send it outside .
      > it that config I could tweak postfix as I want to manage outgoing
      > emails.
      > The server is mainly used to send daily newsletters
      > Anyone did this ?
      > Is it possible ?

      There is one caveat, though: qmail-send will disassemble multi-recipient
      posts, i. e. you will get one Postfix message and queue ID per recipient
      - and Postfix has some VERP support (Mailman, for instance, uses it.)

      If you can somehow manage to inject outgoing mail directly into Postfix,
      so that you can bypass qmail-send, that may help quite a bit. If your
      software talks QMQP for injection into qmail for sending outbound mail,
      you can make Postfix provide a QMQPd.
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