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292146Re: qmail forward to postfix on the same machine ?

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  • Frank Bonnet
    Mar 22, 2013
      Hello again

      Would it be bi-directionnal ? I mean does incoming email are routed to
      the internal qmail server , I need this because qmail deliver emails to few
      users on this machine in a special way .

      Thank you

      CYBERDROID Inc.Le 21/03/2013 14:32, Noel Jones a écrit :
      On 3/21/2013 7:09 AM, Frank Bonnet wrote:
      I'm in trouble with an old Qmail server that runs on
      an also old server.
      The problem is I cannot modify the existing configuration
      of this machine because of inhouse developped applications
      that use qmail.
      Qmail ( which i know very few ) seem a bit autistic when talking
      to non FQDN distants servers or with MX misconfigured.
      my idea is to add a postfix instance on this machine which will
      send emails to the Internet.
      In my plan Qmail will inject all outgoing SMTP traffic into Postfix
      instance that will send it outside .
      That doesn't sound too hard.
      Configure postfix to listen on some localhost port -- I'll use 2525
      for this example -- and configure qmail to use that as a smarthost.
      In postfix master.cf, find the line that resembles
      smtp  inet  n  -  n   -   -   smtpd
      and change it to  inet  n  -  n   -   -   smtpd
      Then configure qmail to use that port as a smarthost.  I don't use
      qmail, but google suggests the way to do that is
      echo ":" > /var/qmail/control/smtproutes
      but you might want to check your qmail docs for details.
        -- Noel Jones

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