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292117Migration from Microsoft Exchange Server

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  • Ashok Kumar J
    Mar 20, 2013

      Thanks for the reply, below requirement is suitable for me.  And more over sogo  group ware may be very much usefull for me, ie before migrating  all the things to linux.

      i am sure u will receive emails saying "you can not compare the two, because posfix is an MTA".
      at some point when i was very new and was asking the same.

      it is correct that postfix is an MTA but it is also correct that postfix can work far more better then Exchange by combining add-ons. i suggest you to read more about followings.

      Postfix (MTA) configuration concept and Maildir
      Dovecot (LDA) config configuration for support of POP, IMAP and SASL authencitaion
      Virtual domains configuration concept
      virtual users configuration and concept
      Ldap auth for integration with active directory.
      spamassasin with antivirus ability (but an overhead normally not required)



      with regards

      Ashok Kumar J
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