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292057Re: Realtime log reporting when postfix delivers mails

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  • Florian Schaal
    Mar 19, 2013
      Am 16.03.2013 22:11, schrieb Reinaldo Gil Lima de Carvalho:
      > We need a structured log to avoid parsing. I talk with Wietse in the year 2011 at FISL conference (Porto Alegre/Brasil).
      > The second problem is load this data to a database. Rsyslog put the data in a single column, and use full text search is inevitable.
      > While don't have a better solution, I wrote a daemon to parse and insert the data on a database. I will search this code and put on github on next week.
      > []'s

      I use something similar for apache with syslog-ng. It can adapted for
      each message-string: http://blog.schaal-24.de/?p=769&lang=en

      Using syslog-ng you can easily split each log-message in different parts
      and than store each part of the message in a different column. Maybe
      this is possible with ryslog, too.

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