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291996Re: LDA understanding

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  • James Griffin
    Mar 15, 2013
      [--------- Thu 14.Mar'13 at 12:07:14 -0400 Kris Deugau :---------]

      > Jerry wrote:
      > > Personally, I have no idea why anyone uses "procmail". For relatively
      > > fine grain sorting of mail upon delivery, I use Dovecot and Sieve. From
      > > what I can ascertain, procmail hasn't even been maintained in over a
      > > decade.
      > Sieve can't call outside programs (eg SpamAssassin) by design. IMO the
      > inability to call any external filtering programs (even from a
      > restricted whitelist) makes overall mail filtering significantly harder.
      > -kgd

      Personally, I still use procmail and use it to pipe mail through
      spamassassin, and also use it in conjuction with Dovecot LDA:

      At the the top the procmailrc define the $DELIVER variable to
      /usr/libexec/dovecot/deliver .

      Then a simple rule:

      * ^List-Id:.*some.list.id
      | $DELIVER -m mailbox

      The -m switch automatically create non-existing Maildir++ mailboxes
      should the not already be present. I Think it needs to be enabled in one
      of the configuration files for Dovecot.

      It works nicely, but then i'm sure the Dovecot sieve implementations
      work well too; i've not tried them yet.

      Cheers, Jamie.

      James Griffin: jmz at kontrol.kode5.net
      jmzgriffin at gmail.com

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