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291853Re: check_recipient_access and transport maps question

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  • Alex
    Mar 9, 2013
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      >> I have a postfix-2.9.5 install on fc16 which manages mail for a few
      >> domains. The server just relays mail for a few domains and doesn't
      >> deliver any mail locally.
      >> The question I have is regarding precedence. Is the
      >> smtpd_recipient_restrictions consulted before transport_maps?
      >> I have a few check_recipient_access, listing each user that exists on
      >> the remote system, so as to reject any mail for non-existent users.
      >> However, I've noticed that one of my check_recipient_access maps is
      >> missing, yet there doesn't appear to be any mail bouncing. Does this
      >> mean it is all being forwarded to the remote system?
      >> The transport map looks like this:
      >> mail01.myserver.com local:
      >> example.com smtp:[]
      >> cs.example.com smtp:[]
      >> .cs.example.com smtp:[]
      >> mail1.prop.example.com smtp:[]
      >> prop.example.com smtp:[]
      >> .prop.example.com smtp:[]
      >> Is it possible to even specify just mail for the
      >> mail1.prop.example.com host to be forwarded to a separate host when
      >> I've also specified the entire domain be forwarded to a different
      >> host?
      > be specific in your configuration
      > avoid .domain.tld
      > mail1.prop.example.com smtp:[]
      > prop.example.com smtp:[]
      > works, for postfix these are two completly different domains
      > .prop.example.com smtp:[]
      > is additionally to mouch

      Okay, I have done this. Are the domains with the preceding period not
      necessary because mail to any specific host in that domain would go
      directly to the host itself, and never pass through this server

      I'm trying to test a new host to receive mail from this relay. I'm
      trying to figure out if it's possible to use a transport map to send
      mail for specific users to this new test system,
      mail1.prop.example.com. Can this be done?

      In other words, using a sender at aol.com for example, I'd like to do this:

      user@... -> user1@... managed by relayhost ->
      user@... -> user2@... managed by relayhost ->

      mail2 is the current production server where all mail from the
      relayhost is currently forwarded. It's the prop.example.com in the
      transport map above.

      The only other way for me to test whether mail1.prop.example.com can
      successfully receive mail is to send mail to it directly, which is not
      a true test.

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