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291826Re: Transport maps in MySQL

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  • Alfredo Saldanha
    Mar 7, 2013
      Sorry, this was my email client.

      Thank you for answers.

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      Am 07.03.2013 21:17, schrieb Alfredo Saldanha:
      > In line...
      > On 3/7/2013 1:37 PM, Alfredo Saldanha wrote:
      >>> Hi people,
      >>> Simple question:
      >>> Is safe use mysql to get the transport maps information? if the
      >>> connection with database drops ? is there cache?
      >>> BR,
      >>> Junix
      >> The transport table is a critical table used by pretty much every
      >>part of postfix (by way of the trivial_rewrite service). If the
      >>mysql database is unavailable, no mail will flow. If the lookups
      >>are slow, all postfix performance will suffer.
      > In case of mysql connection drop, Postfix doesn't use the last transport information ?
      > And another stuffs that use MySQL, like virtual aliases, users, etc. the message will be rejected ?
      >>While it is certainly possible to successfully use mysql with
      >>transport, it will require some care and feeding -- especially for a
      >>high-volume server.
      > OK.
      >>Transport tables don't usually change frequently, and it's better to
      >>keep that information in a local hash: or cdb: table for both
      >>performance and availability. If you want to keep everything in
      >>mysql, consider creating a process to periodically dump the data to
      >>a local hash: or cdb: table.

      in short: if you use mysql for your config your mysqld MUST NOT
      be unreachable, ever at all, if your setup is OK this will never
      happen - i am saying this after 5 years dbmail where ANYTHING
      is in a innodb-database, not only postfix-config

      never ever shutdown mysql alone, make sure you always stop any
      mail-service before, make sure any mailservice is stopped before
      mysqld at reboot/shutdown, make sure your mysqld is high available
      with replication and you are fine
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