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291720Re: Setting transport based on recipient MX records

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  • Wietse Venema
    Feb 28, 2013
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      Mark Goodge:
      > I have a slightly odd problem, in that my main outbound mail server is
      > seemingly being blocked by one of the UK's major budget web/mail hosts.
      > My postfix logs show things like this:
      > status=deferred (lost connection with athena.hosts.co.uk[]
      > while receiving the initial server greeting)
      > I've put in a workaround using transport maps to simply hand off mail
      > for affected domains to my other mail server (which normally handles
      > inbound mail), and from there it gets through OK. But that requires an
      > entry in the transport table for each affected domain, and I keep
      > encountering new ones - some of which I may only ever need to mail once
      > or twice and never again!

      Why not use IP-level redirect.

      redirect address-of-other-server

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