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291718Re: Public free (libre) mailbox hosting service for everybody!

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  • M. Fioretti
    Feb 28, 2013
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      - I think this is at least partly on topic here because it's (also)
      about promoting postfix for "free-as-in-freedom", responsible email

      - but personally, I don't need any of what follows. I already built
      nexaima.net to do it for me, and it's meant to stay that way, that
      is for me only

      On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 16:35:08 PM +0100, Reindl Harald wrote:
      > Am 28.02.2013 16:30, schrieb אנטולי קרסנר:
      > > Persoanlly, I don't have time, knowledge or money (I'm a university
      > > student) to setup and maintain a mail server
      > and the people who have the knowledge and money do not have the time
      > because maintain a RELIEABLE mailserver costs a lot of time,
      > especially if you try to open it for everybody because you can guess
      > how many idiots you get as users which only abuse your service with
      > spam and misuse

      Anatoly will speak for himself, but the proposal in _my_ own posts is
      quite different from what you outline here.

      What I proposed is a VPS package, just as the ones _already "sold" by
      many hosting providers, that unlike those packages is not a bare-bone
      linux distro, but is preconfigured with SMTP/Imap server etc... in
      order to:

      1) accept incoming email only for one domain and set of users
      2) relay email only for THAT domain and set of users

      The owner of every "package" would only be responsible for the abuses
      of his own users. The hosting provider may impose bandwidth limits in
      advance. And 1 and 2 would be configurable by web interface.
      Basically, this is exactly the SAME thing many hosting providers
      already offer, just packaged in a way that it is much, much easier to
      migrate the whole thing to another server, in any moment, without
      reconfiguring everything from scratch.

      As to "who would fund development of this bundle": I guess the same
      people who "fund" Centos, Debian, Postfix and lots of other software,
      in the same way, for the same reasons. If there's money to be made
      (more or less indirectly) in hosting VPS server for WWW applications,
      there is also, IMO, in doing the same thing for email.

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