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291704Re: Public free (libre) mailbox hosting service for everybody!

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  • אנטולי קרסנר
    Feb 28, 2013
      Sorry, I missed that list...

      Two options are being examined:

      1. Start a new server (I'll need your help here because I never worked
      with servers)

      2. Use the MyKolab service. It saves all the hard work, but it's still
      in beta stage and it's going to cost money to use it. So I'm trying to
      get funding so that a basic mailbox service is available for no cost
      (unless you donate to the funds supplier, which would be very nice)

      Persoanlly, I don't have time, knowledge or money (I'm a university
      student) to setup and maintain a mail server, so if it depends on me -
      it would take a few years at least... so I rely on MyKolab.

      Other mail services exist (e.g. gandi.net uses RoundCube), proving a
      practical usable solution exists.

      If anyone wants to start a new service independent of any company like
      Kolab Systems - you're welcome. I'll help you with pleasure if there's
      anything I can do. Just contact me by e-mail :-)

      SUMMARY OF CURRENT STATUS: waiting to see if we can get funding /
      waiting to see if someone can and wants to start a server

      NOTE: Starting a server doesn't mean you pay everything by yourself: A
      proof of a working service beta is enough to show people and get
      funding. Many open-source and free-software support organizations exist,
      which are non-profit and work using donations. A Free (libre) mail
      server is the perfect project for them to invest in (i.e. fund).

      I'll update when more news/responses arrive.

      - Anatoly Krasner

      On ה', 2013-02-28 at 15:55 +0100, M. Fioretti wrote:
      > On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 11:51:10 AM +0200, אנטולי קרסנר wrote:
      > > Hi Marco (and recipients),
      > >
      > > I read the articles and I'd like everybody to have a look too. Focus
      > > thoughts on technology before everything else: Can we setup mail service
      > > which is easy enough to maintain (enough to be reliable) and easy enough
      > > to use, even for non-technical users who use Gmail and Micro$oft
      > > Outlook?
      > >
      > > If someone who's familoar with mail software can write some kind of
      > > plan, or at least a list of tools needed for a mail server, I'll be
      > > thankful.
      > ??? Anatoly, the list you are asking for is in one the links I had already
      > sent to you:
      > http://freesoftware.zona-m.net/wanted-virtual-personal-email-servers/
      > Marco
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