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291474Re: setting up postscreen on a system with multiple external interfaces

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  • Birta Levente
    Feb 21, 2013
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      On 21/02/2013 15:56, Erik Slagter wrote:
      > On 21-02-13 14:41, Birta Levente wrote:
      >>> Postfix does start, but it doesn't honour the options, on both
      >>> instances. It's very simple to check, because I have postcheck report
      >>> another welcome string on every interface. Now it shows the "default"
      >>> welcome string, without postscreen, it gives the proper welcome string.
      >> It's mine:
      >> postscreen_greet_banner = $smtpd_banner/Postscreen enabled
      > I don't understand?

      As I understand, you verify the new postscreen enabled configuration
      with welcome string, which as I understand is the smtp banner.

      Postscreen enabled smtp banner is set by postscreen_greet_banner.

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