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291338Re: Postscreen: bad command startup -- throttling issues

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  • Wietse Venema
    Feb 13, 2013
      > >> You show only WARNING messages.
      > >>
      > >> postscreen logs an ERROR mesage before exiting with status 1.
      > >>
      > >> Are you using a syslog configuration that logs ERRORS and WARNINGS
      > >> to different files?
      > >>
      > >> Wietse
      > >
      > > My /var/log/mail.err file is empty. I am not seeing any other postscreen messages in any of the mail or mail.{info,err,warn} logs.
      > I increased the debugging output in master.cf using "-D -vvvvv".

      I did not ask you to do that. postscreen logs the error message
      and you just need to learn where to find it. Adding more logging
      just makes the information harder to find.

      Start with /etc/syslog.conf and examine EVERY FILE listed there.

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