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291271Re: Connection timed out due to dns timeouts

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  • Angel L. Mateo
    Feb 10, 2013
      El 08/02/13 15:29, Viktor Dukhovni escribió:
      > On Fri, Feb 08, 2013 at 09:29:22AM +0100, Angel L. Mateo wrote:
      >> We are having problems with dns lookups to one domain. I know is
      >> not a postfix problem, but a dns configuration error in that domain.
      >> But it is affecting our servers.
      > The easiest work-around is to stop sending mail to the unreachable
      > domain.
      Yes, I did it yet, but it could happen with other domains. I would like
      a solution, not a workround.
      >> The problem is that whenever the relay server receives a mail
      >> directed to that domain, I get the error "conversation with <mail
      >> server> timed out while sending MAIL FROM". And as list server group
      >> messages, all recipients in that group as rejected.
      > Your DNS timeouts are too long (perhaps tunable via /etc/resolv.conf
      > on the relay), or SMTP timeouts too short (tunable via main.cf on
      > the list server). You posted no log entries, or "postconf -n" so
      > further help is not possible.
      I'm sorry, I have attached it now, My timeouts are both defaults.

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