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291184Re: Archiving mails based on subject - Was: Re: sometimes_bcc?

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  • Marcio Merlone
    Feb 7, 2013
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      Em 07-02-2013 13:08, Noel Jones escreveu:
      > On 2/7/2013 7:38 AM, Marcio Merlone wrote:
      >> I have only a couple hundred users, and one ongoing project with
      >> such need. But that solution doesn't scale well. This probably will
      >> become a standard for oncoming projects. Besides my small scale,
      >> consider engineers love to use SMTP as FTP, attaching big AutoCAD
      >> files up to 30MB. Consider a hundred folks working on a dozen
      >> different projects doing it. On a small busy box.
      > This could still scale reasonably well if you BCC everything to one
      > project-archive user and use sieve to sort the different projects
      > into individual mailboxes, discarding anything without a project
      > tag. It might even be possible to convince sieve to create project
      > mailboxes automatically so you don't have to touch it every time a
      > new project comes up!
      The first idea was one mailbox per project, but we can rethink that....

      > (sounds like what you really need is a project management system
      > that handles all communications, and not use email directly. I
      > suppose you're trying to do this with postfix because existing
      > solutions are either too costly, suck, or both.)
      Bingo! :)
      We do need to keep email archives, but not just email. We already handle
      other media with other individual solutions. I am trying to adjust our
      existing structure to new needs. If no other solution, will have to turn
      to paid solutions, like SharePoint or whatever, even though I'd like to
      stick to OSS.

      Marcio Merlone
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