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291183Re: Archiving mails based on subject - Was: Re: sometimes_bcc?

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  • Noel Jones
    Feb 7, 2013
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      On 2/7/2013 7:38 AM, Marcio Merlone wrote:
      > Em 07-02-2013 11:19, Noel Jones escreveu:
      >> Your only sure bet is to have postfix BCC everything and use a
      >> sieve script after delivery to discard the unwanted messages.

      > I have only a couple hundred users, and one ongoing project with
      > such need. But that solution doesn't scale well. This probably will
      > become a standard for oncoming projects. Besides my small scale,
      > consider engineers love to use SMTP as FTP, attaching big AutoCAD
      > files up to 30MB. Consider a hundred folks working on a dozen
      > different projects doing it. On a small busy box.

      This could still scale reasonably well if you BCC everything to one
      project-archive user and use sieve to sort the different projects
      into individual mailboxes, discarding anything without a project
      tag. It might even be possible to convince sieve to create project
      mailboxes automatically so you don't have to touch it every time a
      new project comes up!

      (sounds like what you really need is a project management system
      that handles all communications, and not use email directly. I
      suppose you're trying to do this with postfix because existing
      solutions are either too costly, suck, or both.)

      -- Noel Jones
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