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291177Re: Archiving mails based on subject - Was: Re: sometimes_bcc?

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  • Marcio Merlone
    Feb 7, 2013
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      Em 07-02-2013 11:19, Noel Jones escreveu:
      Regardless of how you state the problem, it should already be clear that postfix does not have native capability to do selective BCC based on the subject.
      Yes, it was already.

      You might be able to find a milter that can do this; I haven't looked.
      There is milter-bcc, commercial license. Found one and another for archiving purposes, badly documented and apparently not active anymore.

       Your only sure bet is to have postfix BCC everything and use a sieve script after delivery to discard the unwanted messages.
      I have only a couple hundred users, and one ongoing project with such need. But that solution doesn't scale well. This probably will become a standard for oncoming projects. Besides my small scale, consider engineers love to use SMTP as FTP, attaching big AutoCAD files up to 30MB. Consider a hundred folks working on a dozen different projects doing it. On a small busy box.

      [thinking out loud -- amavisd-new has some archiving features built-in. Maybe it can be convinced to trigger on the Subject. Probably worth looking into.]
      I understood postfix could not do it natively, that is the kind of advice I was hoping to get, sucking other's experience. :)

      Thank you very much Noel.

      Marcio Merlone
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