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291124Re: Could you help me with Postfix + MimeDefang?

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  • James Griffin
    Feb 5, 2013
      --> Noel Jones <njones@...> [2013-02-04 14:56:23 -0600]:

      > On 2/4/2013 2:26 PM, Mark Alan wrote:
      > >
      > > But the question here was entirely different: "... to use MimeDefang
      > > to sanitize the emails that arrive at ONE of our 3 mailing lists"
      > >
      > > The problem was not to apply mimedefang to all incoming mail (like a
      > > milter base config usually does).
      > > The problem is how to do it in order to to process a SINGLE target
      > > email address (the address of a given mailing list), without consuming
      > > unnecessary machine resources, i.e., without "miltering" all the email
      > > that arrives at the postfix server.
      > Sorry, missed that part.
      > A milter applies to all mail. If you want the milter to only
      > process some mail, hopefully there are controls within the milter
      > application for that.

      I believe demime would/could achieve what you're looking for. It
      is used on a few mailing lists i'm subscribed to and it's quite
      easy to set up. Have you considered that or other alternatives?

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