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291094Could you help me with Postfix + MimeDefang?

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  • Mark Alan
    Feb 4, 2013
      Hello list,

      I would like to use MimeDefang to sanitize the emails that arrive
      at one of our 3 mailing lists, i.e., to convert html->text, remove
      unsafe attachments, and remove+webserve file attachments
      larger than 500KB.

      There are few tutorials on this subject and most, like Mickey Hill's
      http://www.mickeyhill.com/mimedefang-howto , ask for the installation
      of sendmail and present a config tightly coupled with sendmail
      internals (the real sendmail, not postfix's sendmail).

      Could you please provide (or point to) a couple of working examples on
      how to setup mimedefang with postfix (would it be better done as a
      transport+filter, or as milter?) and, if possible, throw some light
      on the advantages/disadvantages of each alternative?

      Thank you,

      PS: My current setup uses postfix 2.9.3 + mlmmj 1.2.18 + ubuntu
      12.04, to manage 2 low volume mailing lists (< 300 subscribers and
      less than 50 emails/month), as follows:

      MAILING_LIST_1 <mailing_list_1@...>
      MAILING_LIST_2 <mailing_list_2@...>

      postconf -e 'virtual_alias_maps = /etc/postfix/virtual-alias-maps
      # /etc/postfix/virtual-alias-maps
      mailing_list_1@... mailing_list_1@...
      mailing_list_2@... mailing_list_2@...

      postconf -e 'transport_maps = /etc/postfix/virtual-transport'
      # /etc/postfix/virtual-transport
      mailing_list_1@... mlmmj:mailing_list_1
      mailing_list_2@... mlmmj:mailing_list_2

      # /etc/postfix/master.cf
      # transport for the mlmmj mailing list manager
      mlmmj unix - n n - - pipe
      flags=ORhu user=mlmmj argv=/usr/bin/mlmmj-receive -F
      -L /var/spool/mlmmj/$nexthop
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