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291089Re: 25-th port is not opened

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  • arsen.shnurkov
    Feb 2, 2013
      > What we have is :
      > nothing listening on port 25, 465(?), 587.
      > master does not appear in the output of ps, if Postfix is running
      > I would assume we should see it
      > if you run "ps -A | grep master"
      > So what evidence is there that it was ever started, has it been added
      > to the init.
      > At the moment we have no evidence that it started, and certainly none
      > that it started successfully.

      The source of error was the old configuration script.
      I found this with strace log file - http://bpaste.net/show/74653/

      line 229:

      ["/usr/lib64/postfix/postfix-script", "start"], [/* 18 vars */]) = -1
      ENOEXEC (Exec format error)

      Distribution maintainers move directory, but I didn't update script

      Old script has
      daemon_directory = /usr/lib64/postfix
      now it is
      daemon_directory = /usr/libexec/postfix
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