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291079Re: 25-th port is not opened

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  • Reindl Harald
    Feb 2, 2013
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      Am 02.02.2013 18:45, schrieb John Allen:
      >>> How about a simple test to see if it running, ps -A | grep master
      >>no, it isn't running:
      > There is not much point in looking anywhere for a solution for problems, until you have Postfix running.
      > Try "service postfix start" what happens?

      if you would have read the thread you would have
      seen that sysvinit believes it is started and say OK

      /usr/sbin/postfix -c /etc/postfix start
      or maybe on older systems before UsrMove
      /sbin/postfix -c /etc/postfix start

      would be a better chance to get REALLY output
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