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291050Re: Postscreen status script

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  • Eliezer Croitoru
    Jan 30, 2013
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      On 1/30/2013 4:32 PM, Mike. wrote:
      > =============
      > I've tried it on logs up to 40MB, and it ran to completion in around
      > five seconds. However, for that test, I copied the log file off the
      > production mail server and on to a lightly loaded box.

      It's a pretty decent speed.
      I have wrote a script to analyze squid\apache logs before and it's more
      complicated then just match a line to a string.

      grep in general is faster for exact matches in most cases I have seen
      yet and it's amazing.

      The same lookup on any other scripting lang will take *3-4 or more.

      Eliezer Croitoru
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