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291049Re: OT: Mail forwarding services

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  • mouss
    Jan 30, 2013
      Le 30/01/2013 13:13, Fernando Maior a écrit :
      > Hello All,
      > In the area where my office is, internet providers cannot offer us links
      > with fixed ip, only dhcp. I wonder if someone in the list knows about a
      > mail forwarder server that can receive emails from my server and forwards
      > them to the internet in our behalf.

      well, it really depends on a way too many things! how much mail do you
      send? are you ready to pay for or are you looking for a free service
      (free also means no contractual guarantee)? ... etc.

      for a "free" service, you can try google or other.
      if you want "something else", many of us here (including $self) can
      setup that for you. the richer you are, the more we will make you pay:)
      If it's for a charity org or the like, I'll do that for free (with the
      usual things: no mass mail, no stupid sender).
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